Paver Restoration


Are your pavers looking dull, dirty and faded? Do you have mold or algae on your paver surface? Do you have dirt, tire marks or oil stains? Were your pavers previously sealed and now the old sealer is pealing, chipping or fading? That is why we are here to protect your investment.

Here at Spraying Clean, we use an eco-friendly sealer to seal our pavers. By using Seal’n Lock system's water-based, environmentally friendly paver sealing products. It can be used on natural or artificial stone surfaces and travertine. Protect your investment by having your pavers cleaned and sealed every 2-4 years based on normal wear and tear.

We use kiln-dried sand to allow the sealer to penetrate and lock the joint for stability and longevity.   We can also use a polymeric sand at an additional cost. Polymeric sand provides great joint stabilization for joints that are 1/16"-1" and 1"-3" depending on the application requirements. Polymeric sand comes in 4 colors: Ivory, Black Diamond, Slate Grey and Beige.

We can do minor repairs to un-enven, disrupted, falling in pavers and also replace with new or leftover pavers to either fix the damaged area or just add a nice touch such as adding another step, making a pathway bigger or even adding a design.

We go beyond pavers and concrete, we can also seal your concrete landscape curbing and restore it back to it's natural beauty.  This will also enhance the color as well as protect it from the harsh Florida sun.

We will be happy to show you some examples in person because we believe seeing is believing

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